Student is the future of the nation and aspiration of a parent. Here at Sri Vidya Schools we sincerely take up the sacred responsibility of shaping their careers. Our group of educational institutions Vivekavardhani Degree and PG College, Sri Nalanda Junior College have earned a distinct reputation in the field of higher education over two decades. Now we entered into the most crucial, foundation level of education – Schooling. Visioning the global scenario we have created world-class infrastructure and wholesome learning that are truly enriching.
Sri Vidya Schools acknowledges value based education, inculcates Ethics, Morals and Social Responsibility. Schooling is the age of foundation in a student’s life. Habit formations and character building happen here. Hand in hand with the strong academic program we offer value education to inculcate Respect, Caring and realise a prosperous life both personal and social.

Ln. M.V. Chowdary